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McQuade Messenger: Summer 2017

McQuade Library News

From the Director's Desk

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Happy Summer!  Lots of exciting changes are happening this summer at McQuade; learn more here.

As you set off for your summer adventures, remember McQuade is here to help year-round. Stop in for some books or DVDs to take on vacation, or use your library password to access our digital resources such as Flipster, our digital magazines newsstand.

Congratulations to the Class of 2017!

New Resources from McQuade Library

JSTOR Sustainability logo

Early American Imprints screenAvailable now -

  • Early American Newspapers 1780-1809 and Early American Imprints: Series 2: Shaw-Shoemaker 1801-1819 (books).
    This collection expands our Early American Newspaper collection providing primary sources for study of the Federalist period.  Funded by the School of Liberal Arts.

  • JSTOR Sustainability
    Search the full text of journals, books and research reports on environmental issues and their impact on society spanning 40 disciplines from sustainable business practices to energy policy and economics to transportation, urban studies and water management.

  • Morningstar Direct - coming soon!
    Provides data, analysis and tools for managing mutual funds, equities, EFTs, and more. Students will have access to a tool used in the workplace, and Finance professors will help the rest of us who may want to know more about our own portfolios. For the summer Morningstar Direct will be available on two Bloomberg workstations that will be set up temporarily in McQuade Library 2nd floor until their move to the new Business School building. Web access for Morningstar will be rolled out later this summer.

Library Sponsors Successful STEMsmart Teachers Workshop

The "Coding with Robots: From Kindergarten to Career" workshop held on Wednesday, 4/26, co-sponsored by McQuade Library, the Merrimack Institute for New Teacher Support (MINTS), and the Kappa Delta Pi Education Honors Society, was a huge success!  Over 60 Merrimack students, alumni, colleagues, as well as local teachers and members of local school districts, met Root - a robot that brings coding to life for all ages! Presenters and Root developers Shay Pokress and Raphael Cherney discussed the importance of introducing computer science and coding into K-12 classrooms.  Participants enjoyed a hands-on experience with Root and its connecting software!

This workshop was made possible through McQuade Library's STEMsmart grant, with federal funds provided by the Institute of Museum and Library Services and administered by the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners.

Plain Language for Health Workshops

Librarian Catherine Wong received a scholarship supported by the National Network of Libraries of Medicine- New England Region to attend workshops at Tufts University School of Medicine on Plain Language for Health. She was able to bring elements of her three days of training back to Merrimack Health Science Students in Zi Yan's Public Health and Sarah Benes' Health Behavior and Promotion where she presented a mini-workshop on Plain Language for Health and MedlinePlus to help students learn to use plain language and culturally sensitive materials in their future careers in order to effectively communicate health information to audiences with literacy and language challenges.

New Science and Engineering Books

New News Nook

Are you looking for the latest Boston Globe, Herald, New York Times or Wall Street Journal? Or perhaps the Chronicle of Higher Education, the Economist, Minerva, or Pilot. Relax and expand your mind in our new News Nook on McQuade's second floor. 

Media Services

The Media Center is closed for the summer.  It will reopen in a brand new space in Cushing in the fall.  Kevin Salemme can be found in O’Reilly Hall 414 for the summer–he can be reached at x5377 or

Kevin Salemme selfportrait

Interview with McQuade Student Worker & Recent Merrimack Grad, Amanda Cook

What have been some of the most positive aspects of this job for you?
I would say the most positive aspect of this job has been getting to work with, and for, some of the kindest most caring people that I have ever known.  I have made so many friends while working here and I even consider many of my coworkers and supervisors to be like family.

What has been challenging about this position?
I have absolutely no complaints.  Working here has always been a positive experience for me.
How would you say your employment experience matched the expectations when starting this job?
I would say that my employment experience exceeded my expectations when starting this job.  I never would have expected that I would end up considering McQuade like a second home and family.  I was pretty shy when I was a freshman so it made me a little nervous to be interacting with so many people, but I quickly came to love it. Coming in here at the end of a long day of classes was like coming home.
In general, how would you describe the relationships you had while working in this role?
My coworkers have always been excellent friends of mine.  I always enjoyed the time I spent working with them and getting to learn more about who they are as people.  My supervisors have always been great to work with.  I always felt that they took an interest in me, not only as an employee, but also on a more personal level.  I felt like everyone here was always rooting for me and I always appreciated that.
What are some things you've learned or developed in this job that you think you'll be able to use in the future?
This job has helped me become an even more outgoing person.  When I left high school I was pretty shy and talking to new people made me a little anxious.  This job gave me the opportunity to interact with new people and helped me become more socially confident with a variety of people.
Any other feedback you would like to share?
As a commuter student it was very important to me to be able to have a place on campus that I could feel at home and this job has really provided that for me.  I am truly thankful for the time that I have spent here.

Social Justice Books & DVDs Added in 2016/2017

Exploring the Great Outdoors

Summer is a great time to get outside! The ERC has many resources to help you, your family, and friends explore and enjoy outside activities. Check them out!


Collection Moves

1800 boxes of books in the auditorium

One of this summer’s many building and relocation projects is a renovated space for the Academic Success Center on the 3rd floor of McQuade.  The collections currently shelved there will be moved to other parts of the building, including a refurbished lower level.  The books have been packed into boxes while the construction is underway. We anticipate regaining full access to the books in the last week of June.  In the meantime, librarians can help you obtain needed materials digitally or through interlibrary loan–please don’t hesitate to contact us with your requests. Call your favorite librarian, or email us at

Convocation Speaker

Merrimack's 2017 Convocation speaker is Dwayne Betts.  Check out this article from the New Yorker and his books below.

CETL Summer Reads

Summer Hours at McQuade

Beginning May 22, library hours will be Mon-Thurs 8:30am – 7:00pm, Fri 8:30am – 4:30pm, closed weekends. We will also be closed Memorial Day, July 3 & 4, and Fridays from June 16 through August 11. Click to view the McQuade Daily Calendar or call the library at 978-837-5215 with questions.

Staff Summer Reading Picks!

Norse Mythology

I fell in love with Neil Gaiman's world of mythology and folklore in American Gods, so I was thrilled to learn he had a book focused exclusively on Norse mythology.  Gaiman's re-telling of these classic myths (from world creation to Ragnarök) are lively and entertaining, with the spark of humor that is the hallmark of Gaiman's style. Beat the heat this summer by hanging around in Jötunheimr, the frozen wasteland that's home to the Frost Giants. 

-Michaela Keating, Liaison Librarian for Scholarly Communication 

Cannibalism: A Perfectly Natural History

For a book about cannibalism, this is surprisingly funny, charming, and light. Looking at the concept of cannibalism across many species, including humans, this book manages to be scientific without being dry, and detailed without being ghoulish. By staying away from the sensational and deviant cannibalism cases of the twentieth century (you'll have to read My Friend Dahmer if you want to know about that...), Bill Schutt creates a compelling read that explores the role of cannibalism in myth and reality. 

-Michaela Keating, Liaison Librarian for Scholarly Communication

The Martian

You saw the film, now read the book. Described as "Robinson Crusoe on Mars", this is a story of survival against amazing odds.  Astronaut Mark Watney is accidentally left behind in an emergency evacuation.  Stranded with no way to contact the Earth, he has to use his skills and ingenuity to stay alive. Tightly written and believable, the technical details don't slow the story down.

-Kathryn Geoffrion Scannell, Library Director 

Rivers of London: Body Work

A graphic novel in the fantastic "Rivers of London" series by Ben Aaronovitch. Described by io9 as "A blend of CSI and Harry Potter", this series features London police constable Peter Grant, the first new wizard in the Metropolitan Police since WWII.  It's a blend of standard police procedural with modern urban fantasy, spiced with plenty of humor. The graphic novel format works well in this setting, and this short story should send you searching for the full length novels, the most recent of which is The Hanging Tree.

-Kathryn Geoffrion Scannell, Library Director

Lincoln in the Bardo: A Novel

We've all heard stories of Mr. Lincoln and his melancholia, but this book goes right to the heart of it. In addition to leading the country through the bloody Civil War, he is mourning the loss of his 11 year old son Willie to typhoid fever.  Willie was quite a character. He was the apple of his father's eye and a favorite among White House guests. Through historical quotes we learn of the lavish and much judged party held by the Lincolns at the White House and how Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln could not enjoy it because their son was upstairs with a fever. They climbed the stairs many times during the party to be with their dying, feverish son. Mr. Lincoln was thrown into a state of grief so severe that he visits his son's coffin stored in a tomb to hold his son's body and weep. The stories of the compatriot dead come forth as young Willie enters the afterlife. Willie is convinced his family will come to fetch him, but as he goes to greet his father, he finds that he runs right through him.

-C.J. Wong, Liaison Librarian for Science and Engineering

Cover of Civil Wars by David Armitage

Civil Wars: A History of Ideas

What is a civil war? Were the American and French revolutionary wars actually civil wars?  What does Augustine of Hippo say about Roman civil wars, as well as Hobbes, Sidney, Locke and others over recent centuries into our 21st. David Armitage gives us a review in his compact book that you can read in print, or place a hold on the audio CDs from another library. 

- Frances Nilsson, Head of Resource Management, Business & Economics Liaison

That's Not How We Do It Here

John Kotter and Holger Rathgeber, who wrote Our Iceberg Is Melting! have another fun little book that follows a clan of meerkats looking at new way of doing things. Read one, or read them both before they go on reserve in the fall. 

-Frances Nilsson, Head of Resource Management, Business & Economics Liaison

The Captain Class

As we cheer our favorite teams this summer, from Merrimack lacrosse to the Celtics and Red Sox, take a look at this book to find out what makes a team great.

- Frances Nilsson, Head of Resource Management, Business & Economics Liaison

Chronicle of Higher Education Online?

Did you know that Merrimack has a campus subscription to  On campus you can go to and read articles and share.  Register with your Merrimack email address and you will be able to log into the Chronicle on and off campus, on a mobile device or computer, as well as sign up for email alerts.  If you have questions, contact your favorite librarian or

McQuade Hosts Human Library Project

During Social Justice Week the McQuade Library welcomed over 60 faculty, staff, and student participants to our first ever Human Library Event!

The Human Library is an international event dedicated to breaking down stereotypes and prejudice through conversation. Throughout the afternoon, members of the Merrimack community engaged with individuals who shared their stories, experience, and insights. 


Senior, Sue Ung, sharing her story with fellow students. 

Librarian Michaela Keating engaging in dialog with students listening to her story. 

Sophomore international student, Luis Bartolomeu, sharing a laugh with a graduate student.

Librarian Kadie Turcotte keeping the human book list up to date.  

Librarians Present at NOBLE

Librarians Michaela Keating and Catherine Wong presented at the North of Boston Library Exchange collections program in May. Michaela demonstrated how to use YouCanBook.Me to schedule appointments and CJ presented on Plain Language for Health and MedlinePlus.

Farmer Dave's CSA

McQuade Library has partnered with Farmer Dave's to provide sustainably grown and local fruits and vegetables to the Merrimack Community. Vegetable shares are available in small and large sizes and fruit shares are also available. The full season is 20 weeks, but you can sign up throughout the season. Contact Librarian C.J. Wong at McQuade if you are looking to share a share.  If you are ready for a convenient way to get your produce then visit Farmer Dave's CSA page!

Summer Reading

Also, check out Bill Gates' recommendation for all recent graduates:

Dogs at McQuade

Four therapy dog teams shared their doggie love at McQuade Library during finals week.  Students had a chance to de-stress and refresh during their busy finals week with these furry friends. The event was sponsored by Hamel Health and McQuade Library.

Citizen Science

Civil Engineering Professor Cynthia Carlson is into Citizen Science and so are we! See this article on her project documenting campus life using photos and check out McQuade's Citizen Science books below.

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