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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Resource Guide


Tools for Anti-Racist Teaching | Deepening Understanding -- Systemic Racism’s Impact on Education

The evidence that systemic racism is embedded in our education system is clear: from zoning, to discriminatory policies, to “who” is teaching “what”, and the existence of a school to prison pipeline - this is an ongoing discussion across the country. This one-hour discussion will examine history and the effects of systemic racism on education, how we have come to understand it and the role educators can play to actively disrupt and dismantle these harmful systems.

Education Now: Practicing Antiracism in Your School

The disparities that students face today, magnified during the COVID-19 outbreak, are rooted in systemic racism that has been ingrained in education for generations. But even as we reevaluate the system, we must also recognize the critical impact of individual educators who are committed to the fight against racism and injustice. Educators — people — can help change and improve the system, so that it supports and nurtures all young people. During this conversation, we will identify how educators can act to confront racism and white supremacy in their everyday roles, and what it means to embrace and work toward antiracism in your school setting.

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