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Video/DVD Performance Rights

Provides information on performance rights for DVDs owned by McQuade Library.

Film Producers Included

Definitions for public performance rights are extracted in this guide for the following producer/distributors:

StirFry Seminars/Productions

3. The education, non-profit, corporate or government institution purchaser is limited to use of The Films for viewing within the institution on the following conditions: (1) The Films were purchased by the institution; (2) no admission or fee is charged, (3) the showing is limited to presentation for staff members and/or students, within the institution and for community members invited by the institution, and is used to promote the discussion the of diversity issues, (4) The Films may be viewed by public and university/college libraries and their patrons within the provisions of this entire agreement.

4. The education, non-profit, corporate or government institution purchaser is expressly prohibited from:

(a) duplicating and/or selling The Films; and (b) except as provided in paragraph 3 above, exhibiting the film to entities or persons that are unaffiliated with the exhibiting institution, agency, or organization

Video Data Bank

Public Performance Rights from

Material may be used for cultural or institutional use only. Materials may be screened in classrooms, libraries or screening venues on the premises or property of the purchasing institution.

Educational purchase from the Video Data Bank comes with "public performance rights" which the law defines as the "right to screen at a place open to the public or at any place where a substantial number of people from the public who are not necessarily affiliated with the purchasing institution are assembled". However, extended exhibitions or looped display within museums and/or galleries that are part of the purchasing institution are NOT permitted.

The purchasing institution has the right to charge admission fees to the general public.

The purchasing institution cannot lend, rent, sell or otherwise disseminate the materials to another cultural or educational institution, the general public or any other third party for institutional or home use or for use outside of the purchasing institution including the use in touring programs. This provision supersedes all First Sale Doctrine rights.

The Video Project



Unless otherwise noted, all prices not listed as home use on our site include a limited public performance license which permits unlimited single site, non-theatrical, non-commercial, non-broadcast, internal use by the purchasing organization only. No admission fees may be charged, and no public uses are permitted (screening or use of the DVD with others outside the purchasing organization) unless a commercial license is purchased. These rights are non-transferable.

Digital site licenses for most of our programs are available, if not stated on the film's page. DSL allows you to locally host and stream a film on a closed system to your institution for the life of the digital file. We can provide either a DVD for you to encode a digital file, or a digital file for you to download. Please inquire.

Many of our titles are available for broadcast, cablecast, and/or footage licensing. Please inquire.

What Makes Me White?

It can be used for "classroom screenings, campus screenings, and online classes.  It should not be posted online for general use."
- Aimée Sands, July 21, 2017

Women Make Movies

Institutions are required to purchase at list price. Purchase effectively means lease for the life of the videotape, DVD or film print. Prices include public performance rights for classroom, organizational, or library use by the acquiring institution for non-paying audiences only. See License Agreement for full terms. Any screenings that are open to the public or where admission is charged may result in additional rental fees. Please see instructions for public screenings.

Note: digital (streaming) rights can be purchased after purchasing the DVD.  Inquire for pricing. We may need to supply the platform. Some of their titles are available on Kanopy Streaming.

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