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Video/DVD Performance Rights

Provides information on performance rights for DVDs owned by McQuade Library.

Film Producers Included

Definitions for public performance rights are extracted in this guide for the following producer/distributors:



A "public performance" is any performance of a videocassette, DVD, videodisc or film which occurs outside of the home, or at any place where people are gathered who are not family members, such as in a school or library. In most cases titles sold by video and retail outlets are restricted to home use only and do not include public performance rights. All of the prices listed on the individual film pages include public performance rights.


Television rights for cable, commercial, educational television, or internet/web television are specifically NOT included with purchase and are covered by a licensing agreement. Contact Ambrose Video for more information.

Argot Pictures

Purchase includes Public Performing License and Streaming Rights License for 3 years*

A Public Performing License grants the rights to use and screen an Educational/Institutional DVD to an audience of a maximum of 50 individuals outside of the privacy of your home. Admission must be free of charge. Additionally, the Public Performance can only be promoted to members of the purchasing organization and cannot be advertised to the public.

The Streaming License applies to users affiliated with your institution only.
Streaming License is for 3 years but can be renewed.

* Breath Made Visible was purchased March/April 2012 

Bullfrog Films

Bullfrog Films is primarily a non-theatrical distributor, as opposed to a consumer DVD or home video distributor. Our programs come with public performance rights, which is the right to show the film in public provided no admission fee is charged. This does NOT include the right to show the film on television or online, only the right to show the film in public to any audience where the projector and audience are in the same room.

California Newsreel

Colleges, Universities, Corporations and Government Agencies may purchase DVDs with public performance and classroom use rights under this license. This license specifically excludes the right to make any copy of the DVD or to encode it for streaming (see information about streaming licenses for details about that option). 

California Newsreel titles cannot be made available for Interlibrary Loan.

However, the following titles purchased by McQuade Library, allow Merrimack College to

"encode the title [below] from a DVD provided by the Licensor to a digital file or files of any format and number over a periodi of three years commencing with the date of purchase entered above and, threafter, only with the express written permission of California Newsreel. Licensor also grants the Licensee the right to deliver these digital files via password-protected digital streaming only to its registered students, faculty and staff for the life of those files. In addition, Licensee may use both the DVD and those digital files encoded from it, in whole or in part, in activiities directly administered by the Licensee, including in-class instruction, course-management software, library reference, distance learning, extracurricular programming and performances open to the public provided no admission is charged ("public performances")."

Race: The Power of an Illusion, purchased 10/30/2014 - this and other California Newsreel titles are now available through

Center for New American Media

Institutional price... includes public performance rights.

Streaming Rights. You may license digitizing and streaming rights for any CNAM title for an additional fee of $99 per film, renewable after three years or $300 in perpetuity.  The license applies to users affiliated with your institution only.

Cinema Guild

Pricing and policy for Cinema Guild purchases can be found at

All titles in this section come with Public Performance Rights and are exclusively available for purchase to schools, universities, libraries, and other educational institutions. A purchase grants the institution the right to screen the film to its students and faculty, on campus or school grounds, where no admission is charged. These rights are valid for the life of the DVD.

Cinnamon Productions, Westport, CT

“Purchase price includes “Public Performance License” for on site audience showings.”

Crossing Borders Education

For use by colleges, universities, and community organizations under the following conditions:

1. This DVD can only be shown on the property of the DVD purchaser. If no admission is charged, it can be shown to its membership an unlimited number of times.

2. Not licensed for IP server applications or for online posting or hosting.