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Video/DVD Performance Rights

Provides information on performance rights for DVDs owned by McQuade Library.

Film Producers Included

Definitions for public performance rights are extracted in this guide for the following producer/distributors:

New Day Films

"Rental or purchase of any New Day Films DVD program is for educational projection and playback for the life of the DVD. New Day Films DVDs are not licensed for screenings in which admission fees are charged, including but not limited to theatrical screenings.

All New Day Films titles are fully protected by U.S. Copyright laws. Purchase, rental or preview of a DVD program does not include or imply the right to sell, rent, loan, sublease or sublicense to others. New Day Films DVDs and previously purchased videos and film prints may not be digitized, altered, transmitted, duplicated or reproduced by any means without prior written authorization from New Day Films. This license specifically excludes any digital or analog transmission or duplication of the program in whole or in part by broadcast, narrowcast, internet, intranet, open-cable, direct broadcast satellite, or other means, or to any off-campus, distance learning, or affiliate site without written permission of New Day Films. " 

Note:  New Day Films can be previewed on Vimeo and are available streaming through Kanopy for an annual or3-year subscription. Lifetime streaming is also available.  

New Video Group

About Public Performance Rights:

Public Performance Rights (PPR) allow screenings of DVDs for educational purposes. PPR are included with DVDs listed below purchased from New Video at the prices indicated. PPR permit screenings in a classroom or library or to a group where no admission is charged. DVDs purchased from home video retailers or through our home video website or by anyone other than New Video do NOT carry Public Performance Rights. These may only be screened for private home use unless Public Performance Rights are purchased separately or an open showing is arranged.

Generally Merrimack is not likely to have public performance rights. Check web siteand Chris Coflan or Frances Nilsson for each title.
Here are specific instructions for Inheritance 

PBS Educational Media

From a Spring 2013 PBS Educational Media catalog:

Videos with limited public performance rights may be shown in a classroom, screened by a public group that is not charged for the viewing, or transmitted on a closed-circuit system within a building or on a single campus.  Videos with home rights may be viewed only in a home or in a face-to-face classroom situation as part of a systematic educational program.

AV Benefits:

Why the AV version? Because it provides additional usage options for PBS videos. AV versions come with limited performance rights so they can be shown in classrooms, at PTA meetings, during after school programs, and transmitted on a closed-circuit system within a building or on a single campus. They also can be enjoyed in admission-free public screenings, which also makes them ideal for use by library patrons and businesses involved in community clubs and organizations.

McQuade Library purchases PBS with AV Benefits whenever possible, but some videos shown on PBS may been purchases as home videos.