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Video/DVD Performance Rights

Provides information on performance rights for DVDs owned by McQuade Library.

Film Producers Included

Definitions for public performance rights are extracted in this guide for the following producer/distributors:

Dark Hollow Films

Purchase of our DVDs includes educational Public Performance Rights. Educational public performance rights means any noncommercial exhibition of the physical DVD to a group for educational purposes. The term of the public performance license is for the life of the DVD. Purchase of DVDs does not include the right to charge admission for the viewing of the films. Film may not be duplicated, digitized or transmitted electronically in any form without a Digital Site License or specific permission from the copyright owner.

Are digital streaming rights available for the documentaries distributed through Dark Hollow Films?
Many of our films are available with Digital Site Licenses. Please visit the Digital Resources page for the complete list.

Currently Merrimack has not purchused streamling rights.

EVS Communications via Third World Newsreels

Intended for use by the acquiring educational institution only. With the purchase of this DVD, Higher Education Institutions are licensed to show this DVD in classrooms and libraries. In addition, acquiring educational institutions may host non-profit, on-campus screenings to staff, faculty and registered students only.

Films on Demand from Infobase Learning

Films on Demand are streaming videos.

Permitted Uses of Films On Demand
Films On Demand is licensed solely to Licensee and Authorized Users for classroom teaching, research, presentations, and educational non-commercial multimedia projects for use in educational institutions, provided no admission or other fees are charged for public viewing.  Licensee and Authorized Users may stream, display, publicly perform, or exhibit the Video Titles asynchronously on a single computer or network, course management system, or password-protected website. Licensee and Authorized Users may electronically save, organize, and share Video Titles or parts thereof with other Authorized Users using tools provided with Films On Demand.  Licensee may create and distribute transcripts.

Prohibited Uses of Films On Demand
Neither Licensee nor Authorized Users may (1) mount or distribute any element of Films On Demand or any of its Collections on any electronic network accessible to parties who are not Authorized Users, including without limitation the Internet and the World Wide Web; (2) use all or any part of Films On Demand for Commercial Use or; (3) copy, transmit, modify, distribute, sell, or create derivative works from the Video Titles except as expressly permitted under applicable law or as described herein. Interlibrary loan functionality is not supported by the Films On Demand platform.

Films Media Group/Films for the Humanities & Sciences

Public Performance Rights

The prices for all programs listed on this website include full protection for public performances. A public performance is a non-theatrical performance of a program, without charge, outside the home to a gathering of people other than family members and or acquaintances. These gatherings are normally found in locations such as schools, libraries, and religious and civic institutions. Public performance rights also include closed-circuit transmission within a single building or on a single, geographically unified campus.

First Run Features

Educational and non-theatrical copies of select First Run Features titles are now available directly for purchase from First Run for use by libraries, colleges, K-12 schools, media centers, and other non-profit educational organizations.  The purchase of these titles includes non-theatrical Public Performance Rights.

Browse the complete list by title or subject or check out the downloadable brochure featuring the latest releases available with non-theatrical performance rights.

Educational streaming licenses are available for a number of the films listed here. Please email or call for additional information.

Non-theatrical Public Performance Rights allow the purchaser to screen the film for groups of 50 or less. These rights are guaranteed in perpetuity for the life of the copy. No admission can be charged and screenings may not be open to the public.

Good Docs

DVDs purchased through Good Docs may not come with public performance rights. Terms and conditions are outlined during checkout and may be as follows.


By purchasing GOOD DOCS films for educational use the individual is doing so on behalf of their institution. You represent and warrant that such institution has authorized you to accept the terms of this Agreement. You understand that this purchase is subject to the following terms and conditions:


GOOD DOCS film and video content is protected by United States copyright law. Duplication, reproduction, alteration, television broadcast or cablecast, (except for on- campus closed circuit when purchasing a streaming license), loaning for a fee, leasing, sublicensing to others or use for any commercial purposes (i.e. charging admission) is strictly prohibited without express written permission from GOOD DOCS.



Purchasing an educational DVD from GOOD DOCS grants an institution the right to CLASSROOM and LIBRARY usage. Institutions must pay an additional fee for DIGITAL STREAMING LICENSES and for CAMPUS SCREENING LICENSES.



A Campus Screening License authorizes purchaser to screen the film on campus as part of a one-time FREE PUBLIC CAMPUS WIDE SCREENING (including an academic film series), for an event that may be advertised off-campus, and/or to members of the general public. The license fee includes the DVD, which you may keep for your library and classroom use only. If you plan to CHARGE ADMISSION or use for FUNDRAISING please contact us with more information about your event so we can arrange a price. If you plan to do any additional screenings you must secure additional screening licenses.