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MACKsearch Strengths

Rather than having to search each of our tools separately, you can search most of them simultaneously using MACKsearch.  That makes finding useful, relevant information on your topic much quicker than in the past.

MACKsearch offers an intuitive, easy to use interface with advanced search tools like limiters that allow you to easily refine your search and find what you are looking for.

McQuade Librarians have designed MACKsearch with our patrons in mind.  We made sure that MACKsearch would provide all the tools, content, and features needed to empower our users to find what they need.

Great for Initial Research
MACKsearch is a great tool to start any research project.  It allows you to gather general information on a topic and get a sense of the types of library resources that are available on that topic.  Depending on the results, patrons may need to explore more specific resources or take advantage of other services such as Interlibrary Loan and research appointments.

Useful Tools
Numerous tools in MACKsearch's right column allow patrons to print, save, export, cite, and email many of the resources making the process of retaining and ethically using the discovered information simple and user-friendly.

Full Text Resources
When available, you will be provided immediate access to full text resources.  When not available, links are provided for quick access to our interlibrary loan forms so that full text can be requested.

Access Everywhere
MACKsearch can be used on and off campus.  To use off campus, you will need to provide their MackCard barcode and library password.

MACKsearch Weaknesses

Most, but not everything.
MACKsearch searches most of our resources, but not all, so it is still necessary to use other databases and seach tools for some topics.  Learn more about what MACKseach does and does not search: coverage.

Limited to what we own.
There may be more resources available on a topic that we do not own and so these may not be found in MACKsearch.  Therefore, users may wish to search other tools such as Worldcat to see what other resources exist.  

Limited full text.
Not every article or ebook chapter will be immediately available in full text.  When full text is not available, consider interlibrary loan or contacting a librarian if you cannot find the kind of resources you need.

Too many results.
One of MACKsearch's strengths can also be a weakness.  Sometimes patrons may find an overwhelming number of results, despite the use of limiters and other tools.  In those cases, patrons may wish to use a discipline specifc database instead to find fewer, more relevant results.

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