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Limit your results

Recommendations for Using MACKsearch

Take advantage of MACKsearch's features.
MACKsearch is a powerful tool that has been customized for McQuade Library users.  To get the most out of MACKsearch, practice using advanced search, applying limiters, and using the citation tools.  McQuade librarians are happy to demonstrate how these features work, so schedule an appointment or stop by the Research Center for more information.

Learn MACKsearch Terminology
Know what the following terms mean so you can easily use the features you need.

  • Full Text: Refers to electronic items (ebooks, articles, images, streaming videos) that are readily available in full text. 
  • Available in Library Collection: Refers to items available in all of NOBLE's catalog and full text online.
  • Peer Reviewed: Refers to items that are peer reviewed.
  • Merrimack College Catalog: Refers to items that are only in Merrimack's catalog rather than all of NOBLE.

Don't limit your searches to MACKsearch.
MACKsearch, or any other database for that matter, is not perfect, so you should be willing to give other databases a try.  If you are finding too many results or too few, it is a good idea to try a discipline specific database or contact a reference librarian.