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McQuade's  MACKsearch is a tool that allows you to search the majority of the library's physical and electronic resources simultaneously. 

Rather than having to check the library's online catalog for books and DVDs and the library's databases for articles and other electronic content, MACKsearch brings you results from nearly all of these unique tools in one easy to use interface.  

In other words, you can think of MACKsearch as a customized version of Google Scholar that makes finding the library resources you want and need as easy as ever.

This guide will introduce you to MACKsearch's strengths and weakness, explain how to use it, identify what it does and does not search, and provide some recommendations for when to use it.

If you have any suggestions or comments about this guide, contact a McQuade librarian.



A summary of what a discovery tool (like MACKsearch) is and what it does.

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