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Community Engagement


This guide provides links to key community engagement resources including:

If you need help, contact Kadie LaFlamme or another librarian in the Research Center (2nd floor, McQuade).

Slide Deck from 5/24/22 "Ready to Research" Orientation

Foundational Concepts

As we continue to adjust to new learning formats, practice social justice, and welcome students from various fields across the globe, we acknowledge the accelerated Community Engagement program may provide some specific challenges along with its many benefits. One of these challenges is the reality that all of our students enter this program with different understandings and experiences of community engagement, social justice, and theoretical foundations for our work. In the spring of 2021, a group of faculty worked with fellow Angélique Bouthot, '21 as she created our inaugural Foundational Concepts document. This is just the beginning of this idea and project, as our field and this document will constantly be in flux. Use it to orient yourself to the program, review additional materials about key theories, and discover ways in which theory, social justice, and community engagement intersect. Find it here:  If you would like to provide feedback on this document or volunteer to build it further, please reach out to Dr. Falk or the current CE fellow at the McQuade Library.


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