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Linking to Library Materials

Linking to Library Resources

Merrimack users can use library resources on- and off- campus.

If you have questions or need help, please call the Research Center at x5177 or email a librarian at


For off-campus use, the user must have a link with

  • a string that takes the user through the library’s authentication system  - - where they will be prompted to enter their Merrimack username and password,
  • combined with a permalink, a persistent URL, stable URL, document URL or DOI. 

Most databases will provide you with a Permalink option, sometimes through the Share function to Embed/Link.

If the proxy prefix is not included, then add at the beginning and test.

Do not use the URL in the top URL bar, as it is often session specific. 


For example a link to a SAGE journal article might be in anyone of these formats with the first the most reliable:



Note: ProQuest Ebook Central links are the only links that do not require the proxy prefix, but must have lib/merrimack within the URL  Use the link in the library catalog or the Share Link to Book option, such as:


If you can't find a link that works, then link to the database and provide the citation information so your students can search for the article on their own. Database links will be in McQuade's Databases A-Z list


Follow tips below for linking to:

  • Articles in Library Databases
  • Streaming videos  
  • Ebooks and Streaming videos in the Library Catalog
  • Databases, including apps such as Noodlebibs
  • Research Guides

Tips for Linking to Specific Library Materials

Below are tips for finding links to specific resources.

If you need additional help, please call the Research Center at x5177 or email a librarian at

Finding links for...

Articles within Library Databases

It is best practice to link to articles in library databases, instead of loading the article into the database.  Students can access linked articles on and off campus when the link includes the the following prefix in front of or within the URL:

Many subscription databases, however, use session-specific IDs, which means the URL in the top bar is often not stable.

In order to create a link to a specific article, you need to use a persistent link (also called a permalink, a persistent URL, stable URL or document URL). Most databases will provide you that option.

Some (not all) of our databases have persistent links at the article level.
*** If the database does not offer persistent linking, you can still link to the database, provide the citation information & have your students search on their own for the article. See "Databases" Section.

Using MACKsearch and EBSCOhost databases

  • Click the Permalink at the right of the article record 
  • The Permalink then opens in a box at the top of the record.
  • Copy and paste the URL

Links to ProQuest articles

  • If viewing the fulltext, click the Abstract/Details tab
  • Scroll down to the Document URL.
  • Or, ​email the article to yourslef and use the URL given in the email.


Add the proxy prefix to the stable URL, such as


Streaming Video Databases

McQuade Library provides streaming videos via

  • Alexander Street Videos Online
  • Films on Demand  - 3 collections
  • Kanopy - select collections

Look for Share > Permalink / Embed information that will lead to links or programming for embedding into a web page.
If your link is not working, look up the title in the Library Catalog (see below) and copy a link.

Or call the Research Center at x5177 or email a librarian at for some help.



Using the Library Catalog for Ebooks & Streaming Videos

Streaming videos available through Alexander Street and Films on Demand are included in the Library Catalog as well as ebooks from various databases. 

1. Search the title in the Library Catalog -

2. Right-click or CTRL click on the Access for Merrimack… link and 

Select Copy Link Address / Link / URL 

3. Paste your link using Ctrl V or Command V


Note that Ebook Central-Proquest links do NOT include the proxy prefix.


Databases and Tools

To link to a specific database or library tool, such as MACKsearch or Noodletools:

  1. Go to "Databases A-Z" page.
  2. Right-click on the appropriate title and select:
    1. Select Copy LinkAddress in Chrome,
    2. Copy Link Location in Firefox
    3. Copy Shortcut in Internet Explorer
  3. Paste your link where desired using Ctrl V or Command V

Online Research Guides

Course & Subject Guides -

Follow the same steps as with Databases.


For questions or feedback contact the McQuade Library
Call us: 978-837-5177 | Text us:  978-228-2275 | Email us: