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Community Engagement Texts and Resources

Current Text/s: Status, Availability

CME 6420: School, Family, and Community Partnership 

Grant, K.B., & Ray, J.A. (2016) Home, school, and community collaboration: Culturally responsive family engagement. Los Angeles, CA: SAGE Publications, Inc.

Print copies available from McQuade (1st & 2nd editions); eBook not licensed for library purchase

CME 6410: Mentoring Urban Youth 

Text TBA

CME 6400: Today's Youth: Power, Position, and Promise

Hamilton, S. F., & Hamilton, M. A. (2004). The youth development handbook: Coming of age in American communities. Sage Publications.

eBook available in McQuade Library via eBook Central database (unlimited users)

Alternatives & Ancillary Texts

CME 6320: School, Family, and Community Partnership


CME 6410: Mentoring Urban Youth 

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