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SEC Filings

Current company financial statements are usually available only for companies that must register with the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) in order to sell shares on major stock exchanges.  SEC's EDGAR database may also have financials if a company is in the early stages of filing with the SEC.

Key SEC filings to review are:

  • 10K annual report for operations insight (business description & management discussion) as well as financials
  • 10Q quarterly report 
  • S-1 initial registration filing for IPOs & new registrants
  • 20-F reports for non-US companies

Annual Reports to Stockholders - these reports are marketing tools with selected information from the 10-K packaged with graphics, photos, etc.  The president's letter to stockholders often outlines company strategy.  Annual reports are usually available at the company web site, and sometimes are filed with the SEC.

Company Financials

Company annual and quarterly SEC filings can usually be found at company web sites.  At the company web site, look for About Us, Corporate Information, Investors or other term that will lead you to the relevant information.  Alternately use the sources below.

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