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Morningstar Direct Research Portal

How to guide for accessing and using Morningstar Direct's Research Portal

About Morningstar Direct

  Morningstar Direct is an online research platform that provides coverage of Morningstar's global investment database and analytics, including worldwide investment data and global market indexes. It features hundreds of financial variables, including portfolio and ownership data for thousands of worldwide hedge-funds, open and closed-end funds, ETFs, insurance/life products, U.S. variable annuities & life policies, and 529 plans.

Accessing Morningstar Direct

Access to Merrimack's Morningstar subscription is for current students, faculty, and staff. 

The use of this product is expressly for academic and personal research.  Merrimack College users acknowledge and accept Morningstar's Acceptable Use Policy

There are two ways to access Morningstar Direct

  1. On a Mucci Capital Markets Lab workstation
  2. By downloading the Morningstar Direct software to your desktop computer.

Signing in to Morningstar Direct

Find the Morningstar Direct icon on the Mucci Lab workstation or your desktop computer.

Morningstar Direct desktop icon

Use the login credentials found on MyMack, under the Resources tab at the top of the screen, and then select McQuade Library Password in the left menu.

Note: The password is changed each semester.

Morningstar Direct login in screen example