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MGT 1100 - Introduction to Business

Finding company intelligence for all business research, job searching and interviews.

Corporate Responsibility Reports

What does the company say about its social responsbility and sustainability initiatives?

Corporate Responsibility Ratings Sites

How are organizations evaluating the social, environmental and governance responsibility of a company?

ESG Investing

See James Mackintosh's Wall Street Journal article "Streetwise: Social, Environmental Investment Scores Diverge" (September 18, 2018), comparing 3 different ratings.


Search ABI/Inform or ProQuest Business or MACKsearch. Filter results by date.
Combine the company name with relevant terms, such as:

companyname AND (sustainability OR environment OR green)

companyname AND social responsibility

company name AND ethic?

Note:  ethic? searches for: ethic, ethics, ethical

Legal Proceedings

A public company's annual SEC 10-K filing includes a section on Legal Proceedings, which you can get from the corporations web site, S&P Capital IQ NetAdvantage or from SEC EDGAR's free site.  
Update the 10-K and get more detail from LexisNexis Company Dossier, and from MACKsearch and ProQuest.
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