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MGT 1100 - Introduction to Business

Finding company intelligence for all business research, job searching and interviews.

Steps to Company Intelligence!

Are you looking for an internship or summer job? Researching a company for any business course?
What do you need to know about the company? What resources should you look at before your interview?  

We follow these steps to gather information and analyze for company intelligence for Girard courses, job searching and interviews: 

  1. Check out the company's web site for key information
  2. Locate key company reports for public, private and nonprofits
  3. Find analysts & investment reports for someone else's opinion
  4. Compare with its industry & competition
  5. Find current articles and news about the company & issues - dig deeper!
  6. Cite Sources in reports & presentations

Related Guides

Company Research Activity

This exercise will guide you through finding key documents for your company research project

and provide the basis for future company research for subsequent business courses and job searching.

Make a copy of the document (see top menu File > Copy and rename) to share with your team.  Locate the documents and fill in your answers.  You'll be on your way to finding reliable, current resources for your project.

Each numbered tab on the MGT1100 Research guide corresponds to the numbered activity questions, the steps toward company intelligence. 

Note: You must link to the databases through library links
that will authenticate you as a Merrimack user.  Googling, will not get you there, particularly when off-campus!  

If completing this activity outside of class or as a group project, make a copy of the document (see top menu File > Copy and rename). For group projects Share with your team.  

What Kind of Document Is it?

When researching a publicly-traded company there are key types of documents that you should look for: 

  • Letter to Stockholders
  • Form 10-K  (international and newly-traded companies may have a different one)
  • Press Releases
  • Stock Report
  • Industry Report

Each teams should assign a member to look at one of these documents and determine what type and its date.

DocC1    DocC2   DocC3   DocC4   DocC5

Extra documents: DocC6   DocC7

What Kind of Publication Did This Article Come From?

When researching a business topic in Library databases or on the web, you will come across articles that may come from academic, trade, or popular journals, magazines or newspapers, from press releases, a blog or web article.

Each team members will take a look at 2 articles and determine what type of article and it's date.

DocA1   DocA2   DocA3   DocA4  DocA5


Extra articles:   DocA6    DocA7   DocA8

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