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MGT 1100 - Introduction to Business

Finding company intelligence for all business research, job searching and interviews.

Analysts Profiles & Reports

Why analyst reports or profiles? They provide
  • An alternate point of view to a company's web site and SEC filings.
  • An introduction to the company.
  • Different perspectives on SWOT analysis to explain why they recommend whether to buy, sell or hold.  

Most publicly-held companies are followed by investment analysts.

Private companies may have a profile, but not an investment report, however they may be compared in competitor reports.

Analysts reports can come from organizations, such as:

  • investment companies
  • market research firms
  • credit bureaus
  • Better Business Bureaus
  • publishing houses
  • trade associations, and more.

And can vary in the amount and kind of information provided.

Below are sources provided by McQuade Library.

S&P NetAdvantage Screens


NetAdvantage is a simplified version of the S&P Capital IQ platform used in corporate finance.  The left menu shows the variety of screens and options for a particular company.  The top menu shows other functions such as Screening for company lists, Charting, Industry Surveys covering major industy areas, and the weekly S&P Outlook.

Stock Reports are under Investment Research - Equity Research

Be sure to open the PDF at the far right to view the report. The Industry Surveys are also helpful for large industries, such as Automobile Manufacturers, Aerospace & Defense, Restaurants, Internet & Direct Marketing Retailing.

S&P NetAdvantage equity research/Stock report screen

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