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Library Terms Glossary

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Thesaurus - Refers to a book and a database feature. The book lists alternate terms with similar meanings to the one you look up. In a database, a thesaurus uses the terms you choose to search on to lead you to other terms you may not have considered (related terms). While the book-type thesaurus presents you with a larger variety of words to choose from, the goal of a database thesaurus is to "funnel" your search into the unique, official language of the database "subject headings". For example, a database thesaurus might suggest that you use "automobiles" instead of the words car, cars, autos, vehicles, etc.

Trade publications - Periodical articles and books written for and by people working in specific trade occupations. Examples of trade publications are periodicals for construction, mechanics, and automotive repair. 
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Truncation - To search for the root of a word or for variations in the spelling of a word. Usually you must use a symbol to tell the computer to truncate, and the symbol varies according to the computer system you are using. For example, you might type: librar* to retrieve library, libraries, librarian, librarians, librarianship, etc.