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Library Terms Glossary

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Index - A list of subjects, names, titles, etc. that helps you to locate information. A periodical index lists articles by subject or author. A book index is a list at the end of a book that gives pages numbers where names and subjects can be found in the book.

Intellectual Property - The creative original work of a person or persons. It is protected by copyright law.

Interlibrary loan - Interlibrary loan, ILL, is a service which allows people to obtain books and journal articles which are not owned by their library. You can submit an ILL request directly through the library's online form, or you can fill out a paper request form. Forms are available at the reference desk.

Issue number - Issue number is used in conjunction with the volume number to indicate a specific magazine or journal issue. For example, v87 n2 is the February, 1997, issue of The American Journal of Public Health.