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Library Terms Glossary

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Abstract - Summary of an article or book. Databases may include abstracts of articles. An abstract is usually no longer than a paragraph.

Accuracy A judgment about the truthfulness and correctness of an information source. How information is gathered, grammar and spelling can all impact a source’s accuracy. Evaluate accuracy by cross-checking the key facts, statistics, and claims of information sources against other, trusted information sources.

Annotation - A critical or explanatory note about an information resource that follows a citation in a bibliography.Annotations generally include: a description of the source; a summary of key points presented and an evaluation of the source. 
See also: Bibliographic Citation, Bibliography

Annual - A publication issued yearly.

Application - A software program used for a specific task, e.g. word processing.

Authority - The authority of a source may be determined by its author and his/her credentials in the discipline they are writing.