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Library Terms Glossary

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Call number - A group of letters and numbers given to an item that is used to arrange materials in the library and describe their location. The Library of Congress System (LC call number) is used for materials in the McQuade Library; an example: PN 171 .F56 L5 1996
See also: Library of Congress Classification

Catalog - A computerized catalog that contains records for most items contained in the McQuade Library See also: Online Public Catalog

Citation - same as Bibliographic Citation

Controlled vocabulary - Subject search terms precisely defined by indexers of a given index. Use of a controlled vocabulary permits the searcher to find everything in the product related to that controlled vocabulary term. 
See also: Subject headings

CRAAP Test - A method for Evaluating Information Sources:

  • C = Currency
  • R = Relevance
  • A = Authority
  • A = Accuracy
  • P = Purpose

Copyright - The exclusive ownership and right to make use of a literary, musical or artistic work protected by law. Copyrighted materials may be used for educational purposes provided so-called "fair-use" guidelines are observed.

Cumulative index - An index that usually covers several months or years and in which previously published indexes are combined into one volume.

Currency - An evaluation of how up-to-date an information source is. Currency may be highly important depending upon the subject searched or the specific information need. For topics, such as technology, sources might have to be very recent in order to ensure accuracy.

Current periodical
The most recent issue of a journal or magazine.