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Library Terms Glossary

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Record - In a database, information about one item is stored as a "record". For example, all the information such as the title, author, and publisher of a book is referred to as the book's "record". Records are made up of several fields, or distinct parts.

Refereed - As in 'refereed journal' or 'refereed publication'.  Some journals use an editorial board to review submitted manuscripts to insure that they meet rigorous academic standards of excellence and quality. See Also: Peer-reviewed Journal.

Reference - A service provided by the library to assist patrons in the retrieval of information and the use of information resources.

Reference Section - A separate location for encyclopedias, handbooks, guides, directories, etc. These items do not circulate so that they will always be available for use in the library.

Reserve(s) - A controlled access collection where items set aside for particular classes are loaned for shorter than usual periods of time.