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McQuade Departments

Who can help with what at McQuade

McQuade Library Staff August 2018

Welcome to McQuade Library

Department Name Title Phone Number
Access Services  Christina Condon Head of Access Services 978-837-5994
Gabrielle Womack Reference/Access Associate 978-837-5215
Linda Wilkins Access Assistant 978-837-4215
TBA Library Assistant 978-837-4215
Donna Denham Overnight Library Assistant 978-837-4215
Laura Franzone Library Assistant 978-837-4215
Deborah Nicotera Overnight Library Assistant 978-837-4215
Diane Taylor Library Assistant 978-837-4215
Administration  Kathryn GeoffrionScannell Director of the Library 978-837-5211
Christine Morrell Library Office Manager 978-837-5311
Information Resources 
Frances Nilsson Head of Resource Management
Business & Economics Liaison
Christine Coflan Acquisitions & Serials Specialist 978-837-5993
Janet Graham ERC & Technical Services Coordinator 978-837-5295
Instruction and Outreach  Lyena Chavez Head of Instruction and Outreach
Humanities Liaison
Education Liaison
Michaela Keating Instruction/Liaison Librarian for
Scholarly Communication & Merrimack ScholarWorks
Katherine Turcotte Instruction/Liaison Librarian for Graduate Programs
Social Sciences & Humanities Liaison
Catherine (C.J.) Wong Instruction/Liaison Librarian
Science & Engineering Liaison
Media Instructional Services  Kevin Salemme Director,
Media Instructional Services


McQuade Library Policies & Services