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kevin salemme media services director
Kevin Salemme

Media Instructional Policies

Kevin Salemme, Director of Media Instructional Services, x5377

Mission: The Media Center provides a creative learning environment and instructional support through which faculty and students can become visually literate independent developers and/or users of new media to support teaching, scholarship and community.

The primary mission of the Media Center is to support and assist the learning process by providing the highest quality technology and instruction, technical support, and collaboration opportunities as well as access to technology for production and presentation.

Services: The Media Center provides a variety of audiovisual services:

  • A computer lab for video and photography editing with related software including Final Cut Pro and Photoshop
  • Studio space for video and photography production and instruction
  • Photographic and video production services
  • A variety of video cameras and audio recording devices, as well as presentation equipment which may be borrowed CD and DVD duplication services

Instruction: Offerings include training and tutoring on video editing and the technical and aesthetic processes used in digital photography and video, visual presentations, studio production and television station operation. These instructional services are available to individual students as well as faculty.


Video Production

Video cameras are available for student use on class-related presentation projects only. Video cameras are restricted-use items: students in classes requiring video production have first right of access; any other access must be approved by the Director of Media Instructional Services contingent upon the student’s basic knowledge of video camera operation. If necessary, training will be provided.

Video Studio Production

A video production studio is available for use to record video programs. Instruction/assistance in studio production will be provided by appointment. The basic studio set is appropriate for talk/news show production; additional props must be provided by producers. Other uses may include "unplugged" music presentations and lecture style documentary/informational programs, which may then be broadcast on MCTV10 or internet use.

Video Post-Production

The Media Services Department has a Mac lab with software for all post-production needs and provides instruction and assistance in all areas of video and photo imaging.

Duplication of Media is a service provided with strict adherence to Federal Copyright Laws; requests for duplication of any copyrighted material will be refused.

Audio and Video

Video Production

The Media Center has many of its productions, important campus lectures and videos, posted on the college’s Youtube channel:

CD/DVD Duplication

Patrons should provide their own blank media (CD-R or DVD-R), or faculty and staff may have their departments charged blank media. Up to three CD/DVD copies may be produced at the same time and may take up to fifteen minutes to complete. Orders of more than 50 copies require 24 hours to complete.


Photography Production

All types of photographic production are available, from studio portraiture to industrial, for web use and print. Students, faculty and staff may use this service to obtain a resume portrait or any image necessary for class presentation, publication, or use on line. Instruction in photographic techniques, studio lighting and Photoshop is also available to students and faculty by appointment.

Image Archives

Media Services operates and maintains an image archive at The site contains images from the college archives, history, architecture, campus landscapes, people, poster series, events and experiential learning documentaries. These images are by and large open to download for personal use or publication. Faculty, staff, students, alumni and friends are welcome to download and use these images.


The Following Equipment May Be Borrowed From the Media Center

LCD Projector:May circulate for one class period, over-night, or weekend.

Dgital Audio Recorder/Player:May circulate for 24 hours, or weekend.

Video Camera and related accessories: May circulate for a period of 24 hours, restrictions apply (see "video production").

Student accounts will be billed for the non-return of any equipment.

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