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Merrimack ScholarWorks

Information about MSW -Merrimack ScholarWorks-- Merrimack College's Institutional Repository

The Case for Institutional Repositories

Institutional repositories—digital collections that capture and preserve the intellectual output of university communities—respond to two strategic issues facing academic institutions:

1) they provide a central component in reforming scholarly communication by stimulating innovation in a disaggregated publishing structure; and

2) they serve as tangible indicators of an institution’s quality, thus increasing its visibility, prestige, and
public value.

Raym Crow. "The Case for Institutional Repositories: A SPARC Position Paper" ARL Bimonthly Report 223 (2002).




MSW is a digital collection of the research, scholarship and creative work of Merrimack College. It is designed to offer universal access and has a dual role in both promoting the use of the college's scholarly, creative output and ensuring its long-term preservation. Using a seamless open access platform, the college’s unique academic and artistic achievements are collected, preserved and disseminated to a global audience of students and scholars. Click here to view the repository.  MSW is organized and made accessible by McQuade Library


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