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International Management & Entrepreneurship

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Company Research Checklist

As you research your company be sure to locate these sources:

For internal information provided by the company at their web site:

  • Letter to stockholders from the president, usually in the annual report
  • Full annual filing, either:
    • Annual Form 10-K filing with the SEC (Securities & Exchange Commission
    • Annual 20-F with the SEC, if a non-US company
    • Full S-1 SEC filing, if a recent initial public offering filing 
    • SEDAR annual information form, if Canadian
    • Or other full annual report for private or international companies
  • Latest quarterly filings
  • Sustainability, corporate responsibility & similar reports
  • Recent press releases, conference calls

Most internal information can be found at a companies web site, but sometimes you may need to go to the filing agency.

For sources for an external point of view look for

Sources for Company Reports

    Analysts Reports & News - External Opinions

      Corporate Responsibility Reports

      What does the company say about its social responsbility and sustainability initiatives?

      World Suppliers