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NOBLE/Merrimack Library Catalog

An introduction to McQuade Library's NOBLE Catalog and its Evergreen features.

How do I Search the Library Catalog?

The NOBLE Library Catalog allows users to search McQuade Library's collection and the collections of other libraries in NOBLE.

Keyword Based

The Library Catalog searches every word that is entered.  This means that searching is not strict.  For example, a search for 'Barack Obama' or "Obama Barack' will yield almost identical results.

As a general rule, the more words you use to search, the fewer results will appear.

The Catalog results page features authors and subjects in a left hand column that allows patrons to modify their search.  Clicking on an author or subject will limit results accordingly.

Here is an example using a search for Barack Obama.


If you click on 'Buck, Stuart,' only results by him will appear.



In this case, since there is only one result, the patron is taken to the item description.

Library Catalog Links

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