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NOBLE/Merrimack Library Catalog

An introduction to McQuade Library's NOBLE Catalog and its Evergreen features.

What are lists?

Patrons can use the Library Catalog to make lists of items.

These lists can be kept private (ex. wish list of items you want to request) or shared with others (ex. items for students in a patricular course may want to use for an assignment).

How to Make and Manage Lists

1. Click on the 'My Lists' tab on your account page to access your lists.

2. To create a new list, make a title, decide whether to share the list or keep it private, and then click submit.

3. To add items to your created list, search the catalog.  When you find an item you would like to add, click the "Add to my list" link.

4.  Once you have selected titles to add to the list, return to the "My Lists" tab.  Click on the check box next to any item you would like to add to a specific list.  Next, use the drop down menu to find the list you wish to add the items to and then click 'go.'

5.  The items will then be added to the list.  

6.  You can place items on your list on hold or have them removed from the list using the drop down menu above the list.  To do either action, check off the box next to the item, select an action, and click 'go.'

7.  To share your list, click on the share button.

8.  Once you click share a link will appear called "HTML View."  Clicking on this link will bring you to a webpage of the list.  You can copy the url and share it with others.

9.  You can click "Hide" at any time to stop sharing a list.

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