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NOBLE/Merrimack Library Catalog

An introduction to McQuade Library's NOBLE Catalog and its Evergreen features.

What is my NOBLE username?


Your NOBLE Library Catalog username is the 14 digit barcode on the back of your MACKcard.

You will need the barcode number to access your NOBLE Library Account to place and modify holds, renew items, update contact information, and create lists.  The barcode number is also used to access and download Overdrive/Libby materials.


What if I don't have a MACKCard?

If you do not have a MACKCard, you can use your Merrimack Student ID # followed by the letters: "m-e-r" as your username.

To locate your Merrimack student ID # 

  1. Log into myMack with your Merrimack username and password.
  2. In the upper right corner, you will see your picture or a person icon. Click on the image/icon.
  3. In the pop-up window, click on My profile and settings 
  4. On the next page look for My profile and settings on the left. You should see a number preceded by several zeros. 
  5. The last six digits are your Merrimack student ID # 

My profile and settings - Joe Student, ID #00000123456
Joe Student
's ID # is 123456

To log into the NOBLE Library Catalog or your NOBLE Library Account simply use this 6-digit Merrimack Student ID # + mer as your user name. 

Joe Student's NOBLE Library Catalog user name is 123456mer

How do I get a Catalog Password?

1. Go to

2. Enter the library barcode number printed on the back of your MackCard* in the "Barcode" box and click submit 

3. Check your Merrimack email- you will receive an email from with instructions and a link to complete the password setup 


NOTE: If you do not have a MackCard you can use your 6 digit Merrimack ID# followed by lowercase "mer" (for example: 123456mer) instead, then follow the same instructions. 


If you do not receive the email, or encounter any other issues please contact a librarian:

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