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NOBLE/Merrimack Library Catalog

An introduction to McQuade Library's NOBLE Catalog and its Evergreen features.

What is a Hold?

Holds can be placed on items in the catalog that are owned by Merrimack or any other NOBLE library.  

Some items, such as DVDs, newly acquired items, and reference items, cannot be placed on hold.  The system will indicate whether a hold was successfully placed on an item or not.

NOTE: If you are looking for an item not found in the catalog or an item that is blocked from being put on hold, the library may be able to obtain the item from a non-NOBLE library.  To submit a request, click here:

How do I Place a Hold?

How do I get started?

Note: Placing a Hold on an item, not at McQuade, will initiate a request to with another NOBLE library to deliver the item to McQuade for you to check out.

1.  Search for the item you are looking for using the catalog.

2.  You can just search Merrimack's holdings or expand the search to any library in NOBLE or even all NOBLE libraries.



3.  Once you find the item you want, you can click 'Place Hold' from the search results or click on the title and then click place hold.

4.  After clicking 'Place Hold' you will need to log in to your account. 












5.  On the next screen, designate where you would like to pick up the item, and how you would like to be notified it is ready (by email or text).












6.  When you are done filling in your information, click submit.

7.  Finally you will see a confirmation screen stating your hold was successfully placed.

For questions or feedback contact the McQuade Library
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