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CME6850: Capstone in Community Engagement (Nemon)

Thinking of Your Research Question in Terms of Keywords

  1. Pull out the most important aspects of your research question -- Who, What, Where?
  2. Determine different keywords-- think of synonyms / alternate terms
  3. Brainstorm a list or create a word web to keep organized
  4. Use a thesaurus to help you think of alternate words

Example: Have social media sites led to an increase in bullying among young adults? 

  • Social Media
  • Bullying
  • Young Adults

Social Media: social network, social platform

Bullying: tormenting, hectoring, harassing

Young Adults: adolescent, juvenile, teenager, emerging adult    


  1. Click on the activity link above
  2. Select File > Make a Copy
  3. Complete the activity on YOUR COPY
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