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BUS 1100 Introduction to Business

Finding company intelligence for job searching and interviews.

Steps to Company Intelligence!

Are you looking for a summer job or internship? What do you need to know about the company? What resources should you look at before your interview?  

McQuade Librarians have designed this guide to walk BUS1100 students through the steps of achieving company intelligence for interviews, SWOT analysis and more. 

In the library workshop BUS1100 students will practice researching a company and finding related information.  We will

  1. Check out the company's web site for key information
  2. Locate key company reports for public, private and nonprofits
  3. Find analysts & investment reports for someone else's opinion
  4. Compare with its industry & competition
  5. Find current articles and news about the company & issues - dig deeper!
  6. Cite Sources in reports & presentations

All of the library's databases must be accessed through a library web page and can be accessed off-campus using your Merrimack MyMack/Blackboard credentials. See a video demo here.  Contact us if you have any problems.


"There's a culture and a way of life at the company that you've bought that sometimes can be integral to the creative process or the process of creating product at that company," Iger says. "And if you go about it in too heavy-handed a way, you can destroy spirit and culture and a sense of purpose — and in doing so, destroy the very essence of what you bought, or reduce value." - Bob Iger in "Disney CEO Bob Iger Has Lessons On Fostering Creativity — And Acquiring It" (NPR 9/26/2019)

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Company Research Activity

This exercise will guide you through finding key documents for your company research project.

Make a copy the document to share with your team.  Locate the documents and fill in your answers.  You'll be on your way to finding reliable, current resources for your project.

Remember that the number for each question correlates with the tab on this guide.

What Kind of Publication Did This Article Come From?

When researching a business topic in Library databases or on the web, you will come across articles that may come from academic, trade, or popular journals, magazines or newspapers, from press releases, a blog or web article.

Each team members will take a look at 2 articles and determine what type of article and it's date.

DocA1   DocA2   DocA3   DocA4  DocA5


Extra articles:   DocA6    DocA7   DocA8