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BUS 1100 Introduction to Business

Finding company intelligence for job searching and interviews.

Competitors, Market Share, Rankings & Industry Analysis

How is your company doing compared to it's industry? Who are its competitors and how do they compare? 
Use the sources below to determine the opportunities, threats, trends and driving forces in your company's industry.

Search or browse by industry name,
or search by company and look for links to industry reports.

NAICS - the North American Industry Classification System is often used to organize industry data.  The U.S. Census provides an outline and descriptions of what is included in each code.

Business Areas - What Interests You?

Creating a List of Competitors

If the sources above don't have what you need:

  • Create/Screen a custom list
    For your output, select data items (revenues, location, etc.) that can be used for sorting.  You can also total revenues to calculate market share.
  • Or compare you organization's revenues with total national or local revenues from US Census sources.