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Off-Campus Access

How to get access to library materials from off-campus. How to make an account in the library catalog.

How To Login To Databases from Off Campus

Username & Password Login

To access library resources (articles/journals, databases, ebooks, streaming videos, etc.) from off campus you will need to enter your:

  • Merrimack username- don't include the
  • Password- the same one you use for your email, Blackboard, MyMack, etc.  

This is the login screen where you will enter those credentials:


Contact a librarian if you have any issues accessing resources from off campus:

Comcast/Xfinity Home Internet Customers

Is Xfinity/Comcast Your Internet Service Provider?

We have been seeing reports recently, from Comcast Xfininty home internet customers, of a browser security error when attempting to access our proxied resources. See an example below from Seattle University.

If you are Xfininty customer running into this problem, we suggest you call Xfinity/Comcast (you'll probably need an account number) or follow directions below this image.  

Xfinity xFi Advanced Security is a feature that Comcast has began to offer it for free, so people have been turning it on. If you do turn it on, along with its useful security features, it currently blocks access to the McQuade Library's Proxy server - - which you use whenever you access our online library databases.  If you don't have the xFi username/password, locate your Comcast account number and call Xfinity at 800-266-2278. 

Disabling and Re-Enabling Advanced Security

From Comcast/Xfinity Disabling and Re-Enabling Advanced Security at (your household username/password may be needed) or for mobile devices, on the xfi app.

  • You can disable the Advanced Security feature in xFi by navigating to More and selecting My Services. From here, select Disable under xFi Advanced Security and follow the on screen prompts.
  • Once disabled, you will lose 24/7 threat monitoring and real-time reporting on your home network.
  • If you have disabled the Advanced Security feature, you can re-enable it by navigating to More and selecting My Services. From here, select Enable under xFi Advanced Security and follow the on-screen prompts.

Our thank you to Seattle University library for identifying this issue and working with the vendor of the EZproxy software, and with Comcast/Xfinity to find a better solution to this problem in the future.