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Education & Humanities* Scholarly Communication & Liberal Arts* Business & Economics Liberal Arts* Science, Engineering, & Health Sciences
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*Lyena Chavez is liaison to: English, Visual & Performing Arts

*Michaela Keating is liaison to History, Women's and Gender Studies

*Kadie Turcotte is liaison to: Philosophy, Religious & Theological Studies, World Languages & Cultures

McQuade Library's Liaison Program

McQuade's Liaison Program was created to establish an ongoing partnership between the librarians and faculty at Merrimack College. The library liaison works with departmental faculty, staff, and students to understand and support the research and information needs of the academic department, participate in collection development, support information literacy instruction, and provide referrals to the many services offered by McQuade Library.

McQuade Instruction/Liaison Librarians proactively develop working relationships with faculty in assigned areas, identifying opportunities to collaborate on projects, services, and collection decisions.  Librarians provide faculty support in the following four areas:

Collection Development

  • Evaluate resources in terms of areas' curricular and research needs; select and manage resources 
  • In collaboration with the Head of Resource Management, track and effectively manage collections budget 
  • Strategically assess and make decisions regarding acquisition, retention, and preservation of collections
  • Understand publication trends and develop familiarity with publishers

Teaching and Learning

  • Actively engage with faculty as partners in programmatically integrating information literacy concepts and skills into curriculum
  • Create, maintain, and promote subject libguides 
  • Deliver and assess effective library workshops/instructional sessions

Campus Engagement

  • Promote current services and collections to inform faculty of resources available to them
  • Attend campus events/programs in assigned areas
  • Maintain awareness of departmental focuses for research and teaching

Scholarly Communications

  • Help faculty submit their publications to Merrimack's ScholarWorks, our institutional repository
  • Advise scholars on how they may manage articles, preprints, etc. that they gather
  • Provide information and resources on retaining author rights
  • Refer faculty to Repository Administrator on library staff for additional help/resources

To learn more about this liaison program, please contact Lyena Chavez, Head of Instruction & Outreach.