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McQuade Library Syllabus Statement on Research Assistance

Does your course require students to do research? Remind your students that McQuade Librarians are here to help! Use one of our Library Syllabus Statements below, in full or in part, in your syllabi, Blackboard sites, or assignments. Feel free to make any changes that you feel are necessary (such as adding names and contact information of specific librarians, specific resources, etc.).Please contact your Library Liaison with any questions.  

This is not a requirement for syllabi and no faculty member is required to add it.  If your course has a research component, we strongly encourage you to share this information with your students.

Option 1:

Research Assistance
Ask a librarian for help with your research in this class. You can drop by McQuade Library’s
Research Center (2nd floor, McQuade Library)  to ask any question you have, at any point in your process, or set up an appointment.  Librarians can meet with students one-on-one or in small groups to discuss focusing on a research topic, identifying and evaluating sources, and searching library resources effectively.  To set up an appointment, go to  For more information on hours and librarians, visit McQuade’s Library website at


Option 2:

Liaison Librarian
Each department has a designated librarian to support your research needs.  [Insert name] is our liaison librarian for [insert department name].  Her email is <email address> and her office is located in <room/library location>.  You are welcome to stop by her office or make an appointment.  Here is a link to the library's subject guide to [insert subject or course guide name]: [insert link]

* Not sure who your library liaison is?  

McQuade Library Liaisons

Lyena Chavez

School of Education & Social Policy; Humanities

Frances Nilsson

Business & Economics

Kadie Turcotte

Liberal Arts

C.J. Wong

Science & Engineering, Health Sciences

Go here to see more information regarding liaison program.