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This guide can help you get started using the citation management tool Mendeley.

Importing Citations

Files can be added to Mendeley Desktop three ways:

1.  Open the Mendeley Application, then drag files from your desktop or document window over the Mendeley Desktop application 

  • A small white box with a "+" symbol appears next to the cursor to indicate the source will be added. 

GIF from Mendeley Help Guide: Mendeley Desktop

2.  Click on the "Add Files" button in the toolbar of the Mendeley Desktop application to add files from a traditional upload box

  • Files can be uploaded individually, or you can drop entire folders of documents into Mendeley Desktop
  • Citation information is automatically extracted from the file
  • Both the citation information, as well as the document file itself will be saved in Mendeley 

3.  Click on the black arrow of the "Add Files" button, select "Add Entry Manually," and input the citation information

  • This is a helpful option if you want to include an uncommon source, or if the citation information will not automatically save.  

Adding citations* found from internet searching is a simple two-click process with the Mendeley Web Importer. If you have not already installed the web importer, click here.  

1. Click on the "Save to Mendeley" bookmark to add the citation of your current browser page.

  • This works on any type of website, including McQuade Library databases, google scholar, online book catalogs, etc. 

2.  Review the citation information in the dialog box that will appear in the browser, then click on the green "Save" button

  • Citations added from the Mendeley web importer can be viewed immediately in the web library 

3.  Click on the green "Sync" button in the toolbar to see your new citations in Mendeley Desktop or on the mobile app

Using the web importer only adds citations to Mendeley, but full text files can be uploaded to the citation manually.

1.  Save the document file to your computer

2.  Click on the corresponding saved citation in Mendeley Desktop, document details will appear in the right column

3.  Scroll down to the bottom of the details column, and click on the "Add File" line to upload the full text document

If you have the Mendeley app installed on your mobile device, an "Open in Mendelely" link will appear when you open any PDF.

  • Opening a PDF in Mendelely will automatically save the citation to your library. 
  • Make sure to sync your Mendeley Desktop to include any sources added while using your mobile app.

You can also click the "Open In..." link to select Mendeley from a list of any PDF viewer applications installed on your device. 

Mendeley Minute Tutorial: Importing Documents