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Information Literacy at Merrimack College

Core Values


  • We believe information literacy is best taught within the context of academic disciplines and use an integrated model of instruction.
  • We partner with faculty to ensure our instruction is tied to the curriculum, and targeted to course objectives.
  • We collaborate with other members of the Merrimack College community, recognizing and valuing their contributions to information literacy objectives.
  • We reflect the Augustinian tradition of seeking truth through inquiry and dialogue.
  • We design tiered instruction that build competencies over students’ career by emphasizing transferable knowledge and skills.
  • We use a range of active and collaborative learning activities that address students’ multiple learning styles.
  • We continually assess our program to improve teaching and student learning.
  • We practice teaching excellence through continuing education, training, and professional development for instruction librarians.

    The above values were adapted from Fairfield University's DiMenna-Nyselius Library Core Values