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Information Literacy at Merrimack College

Library Instruction Program

Information literacy is an established component in ENG1050 "Introduction to College Writing." It is introduced within foundational requirements providing a solid basis upon which to build subsequent IL skills.

Librarians meet with all the first year writing classes in order to hone those basic/foundational research skills.  Librarians introduce students to library catalog, one multidisciplinary library database, MACKsearch (the library's discovery tool), and touch upon evaluating and citing sources.

The Writing Intensive courses also contain an information literacy component; students extend and develop their research and writing skills that they acquired in their earlier Foundations course (Introduction to College Writing).  One criteria for WI courses is information literacy in the disciplines, i.e. instruction designed to promote awareness of appropriate and inappropriate sources of information; capacity to conduct literature searches; guidelines for writing and reading in the disciplines, etc.).  

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