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Continuity of Library Services

Information on getting library books, articles, and research help while campus is closed.

Why Are We Talking about Remote Coworkers?

Working in an academic library during 2020 and the coronavirus pandemic has adjustment.  It's helpful when we can find changes to be grateful for, and spending more time with our pets while we are working remotely has been one of those things. Sometimes they try to join our meetings and get a laugh from colleagues, other times they keep us company while we work on answering student and faculty questions, and they're at home waiting for us when we return from an on-campus shift.  Because they make our lives so much fuller, we are pleased to introduce you to our remote coworkers!

Gabby's Coworkers

Kadie's Coworkers

Angelique's Coworkers

Erin's Coworkers

Deb's Coworker

Linda's Coworker

Kevin's Coworkers

Anderson's Part Time Coworker

Janet's Coworkers

CJ's Coworker