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Tolle Lege

Information on contributions to the Tolle Lege Collection of Merrimack-authored publications and the annual receptions honoring the authors.

2015 Speakers

Taesoo Ahn, Sports Management
Dan Butin, Education
Laura Hall-Seelig, Mathematics
Christina Hardway, Psychology
Joseph Kelley,
Religious and Theological Studies
Russell Mayer, Political Science/Provost's Office.

2013-14 Bibliography


Authors attending the 2015 reception

Tolle Lege Reception 2015

2013-14 Contributors

Adair, Aaron
Ahn, Taesoo
Aiello, Brittnie L.
Antonellis, Paul J., Jr.
Beal, Kathleen
Bent, Lauren G.
Berkes, Charlotte A.
Butin, Dan.
Cain, Alexander
Careau, Steven
Charos, Evangelos N.
Connolly, Sally Ann
Cordano, Mark
DeCesare, Michael.
DeCiccio, Albert
Finn, Kevin
Fitzmaurice, Julie
Franco, Jimmy,
Gatling, Anne
Girgenti, Alicia
Godinez, Jose R.
Guilmette, Ron
Hall-Seelig, Laura
Hardway, Christina
Hayden, Karen
Kaklamanos, James
Kelley, Joseph T.
Lachance, Barbara A.
Laramie, Anthony J.
Leccese, Jay
Marine, Susan B.
Mascolo, Michael F.
Mason, Christopher J.
Mayer, Russell K.
McGovern, Lynn.
McInnis, Kyle
McQueeney, Krista
Nielsen, Kathryn
Norris, Rebecca Sachs
Poirier, Clarisse
Pukala, Allison
Raponi, Sandra
Ridenour, Autumn Alcott
Russell, Alison Lawlor
Sceery, Sarah
Sendall, Patricia
Stolarz, Laurie Faria
Stuetzle, Christopher S.
Tiffe, Raechel.
Titus, Rose
Veletzos, Marc J.
Venuti, Deborah
Wians, William
Yan, Zi