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Tolle Lege

Information on contributions to the Tolle Lege Collection of Merrimack-authored publications and the annual receptions honoring the authors.

2014 Speakers

Courtney Gray,   Alumna '13, Education
Heather Maietta,    Director, O'Brien Center
Cynthia McGowan,    Provost's Office
Laura Moore Pruett,   Visual & Performing Arts
Ana Silva,    Finance
Marc Veletzos,  Civil Engineering

2012-13 Bibliography


Tolle authors 2012-13

Tolle Lege Reception 2014

2012-13 Contributors

Aiello, Brittnie
Allman, Mark J.
Berkes, Charlotte with
  Alisha Wilkinson &
  Benjamin Paradis
Butin, Dan with
  Daniyal Saud
Cain, Kathleen Shine
Comegys, Charles
Condon, John “Sean”
Connolly, Sally Ann
DeCesare, Michael
Finn, Kevin with
   Edward Martin &
   Kristen Lemay
Gray, Courtney
Michele Beausoleil
Abigail Johnson
Hardway, Christina
Heffernan, George
Hsu, Laura
Johnson, Kerry L.
Kaklamanos, James
Kelley, Joseph
LeBlanc-Straceski, Janine M.
MacKenzie, Gordene
Maietta, Heather N.
Mayer, Russell
McInnis, Kyle J.
McGowan, Cynthia
McHugh, Mary
Michaud, Lisa N.
Parent, Jane D.
Politano, Andrea
Pruett, Laura
Rowland, Dana
Shaw, Raymond L.
Silva, Ana
Stolarz, Laurie Faria
Stroud, Michael J.
Tiemann, Kathleen
Titus, Rose
Veletzos, Marc
Walsh, Marian
Wians, William