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Streaming Media

How to find and use streaming media for your teaching, learning, and research needs.


Film distributors often have specific licensing terms for academic scenarios. Examples include:
CLASSROOM RIGHTS may allow unlimited use in face-to-face classroom situations for the life of the media. These licenses generally do not include public screenings or digital transmission of any kind. When available, consumer-priced DVDs purchased with institutional licenses may be used in the classroom.
PUBLIC PERFORMANCE RIGHTS  allow educational and nonprofit groups to screen a film where admission is not charged. The term of the public performance license is for the life of the DVD. Films purchased without Public Performance Rights are restricted for individual viewing or face-to-face teaching in the classroom only. .
DIGITAL SITE LICENSES allow colleges, universities and nonprofits to locally host and stream to their community on a closed, password-protected system. Licensing periods can vary with terms such as 1-year, 3-years, 7-years; although some distributors do offer licenses for the life of the digital file.


All of our streaming media resources can be used in the education environment (i.e., as class assignments or viewing as a class in the classroom setting). However, not all can legally be used for other events outside of this educational environment. In order for a video to be used in other settings, such as a student group activity, screening as part of a lecture outside of the classroom, etc., then Merrimack College must have Public Performance Rights (PPR) for that film. 
GOOD NEWS! Many of the streaming films that McQuade provides access to have PPR. Everything provided by Alexander Street/Proquest and Kanopy have PPR. 
If you are unsure how the films you are selecting can be screened, please contact Frances Nilsson for more information. If McQuade Library does not retain PPR, our process is to contact the supplier to determine if the PPR can be purchased through an additional license. The length of this process varies and details about the screening (number of expected audience, date, time, location, etc. will be needed)

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