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iPad Guide

A guide to iPads and the library's iPad lending program.

Frequent Asked Questions

How long can I check out an iPad?

iPads can be checked out for 5 days.

Can I place a hold on an iPad?

Yes.  You may place a hold using the library's catalog.


Can I borrow a power cord?

Yes, a power cord and adapter are included at the time of checkout. iPads are lent fully charged and their battery is designed to last for a long period of time in between charges.


How do I sync the iPad with iTunes?

The iPad should never be synced with iTunes.  The library's iPads are tied to a specific library Apple ID.  Syncing the iPad on a computer that is not tied to that Apple ID could corrupt the users ability to access installed apps and other features.


I tried to sync with iTunes and now the software is not working properly now.  What should I do?

Bring the iPad back to the library and a staff member will restore the device.


Can I download apps?

Users can only download apps when using their Apple ID. If there is an app you think should be included with the iPad, let us know using the Feedback Form.

Will my personal information be kept on the device after it is returned?

No.  After each device is returned, the system is restored from backup and reset to its original condition.  All information and modification made by the user will be erased.


How should I save my work?

The library has included the Google Drive app that stores information on Internet servers.  Using this app, work you do on the iPad can be accessed from another device.

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