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The Human Library, Social Justice Month: April 2022

McQuade's 2022 Human Library in Action


The Human Library- an international nonprofit that has sponsored events around the world--is designed to connect people through real conversations about important issues. It helps build intercultural understanding for diversity and respect for differences.  The Human Library Project is all about open dialogue, without judgment or opinion, and is meant to challenge people's perceptions and stereotypes.
How it works...
"Human books" are brave individuals who are willing to share their life-stories about prejudice with readers in the hope of disrupting stereotypes and working to end intolerance. "Books" are checked out by interested "readers" who wish to learn from the experiences and life-stories of human books. Readers may "check out" a book for 15-20 minutes to listen, ask questions, and learn.
In accordance with well-founded parameters set forth by the international Human Library organization, “‘Rules for readers ’are simple, respect the book, be curious, bring the book back on time and in the same condition it was given to you. Both parties have the right to end the loan at any time”.
This year's Human Library is being organized in honor of Social Justice Month at Merrimack College. It is co-sponsored by Unity House and McQuade Library. Human Library Hours: Thursday, April, 21st, 10am-5pm.
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