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Environment & Sustainability

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The library uses the Library of Congress Classification system to organize books in the stacks by subject. This means that it is easy to browse the stacks once you know the subject heading and call number associated with your topic.

At McQuade, call numbers A-H are located on the 2nd floor & J-Z are located on the 3rd floor.

Subject Call Number
Geography (General)
G1 - G922
Mathematical geography. Cartography GA1 - GA1776
Physical geography GB3 - GB5030
Physical geography -- Geomorphology. Landforms. Terrain
GB400 - GB649
Physical geography -- Geomorphology. Landforms. Terrain -- Climatic geomorphology
Physical geography -- Hydrology. Water
GB651 - GB2998
Physical geography -- Natural disasters
GB5000 - GB5030
Oceanography GC1 - GC1581
Environmental sciences GE1 - GE350
Environmental sciences -- Environmental education GE70 - GE90
Environmental sciences -- Environmental policy GE170 - GE190
Environmental sciences -- Environmentalism. Green movement GE195 - GE199
Environmental sciences -- Environmental management GE300 - GE350
Human ecology. Anthropogeography GF1 - GF900
Human ecology. Anthropogeography -- Environmental influences on humans GF51
Human ecology. Anthropogeography -- Human influences on the environment GF75
Human ecology. Anthropogeography -- Settlements
GF101 - GF127
Human ecology. Anthropogeography -- By region our country
GF500 - GF900
Law in general. Comparative and uniform law. Jurisprudence -- Environmental law K3581 - K3598
Religious law in general. Comparative religious law.
Jurisprudence -- Interdisciplinary discussion of subjects -- Environmental law
KB3127 - KB3135
Jewish law. Halakah -- Mishpat Ivri -- Environmental law KBM3127 - KBM3134
Islamic law. Sharī#ah. Fiqh -- Furū# al-fiqh. Substantive law. Branches of law -- Environmental law KBP3127 - KBP3135
Natural history (General) QH1 - QH278.5
Natural history (General) -- General, including nature conservation, geographical distribution QH1 - QH199.5
Biology (General) QH301 - QH705.5
Biology (General) -- Ecology QH540 - QH549.5
Botany QK1 - QK989
Zoology QL1 - QL991
Agriculture (General) S1 - S972
Agriculture (General) -- Agricultural ecology (General)
Agriculture (General) -- Agriculture and the environment
S589.75 - S589.76
Agriculture (General) -- Agricultural conservation
S604.5 - S604.64
Agriculture (General) -- Melioration: Improvement, reclamation, fertilization, irrigation,
etc., of lands
S604.8 - S621.5
Agriculture (General) -- Melioration: Improvement, reclamation, fertilization, irrigation,
etc., of lands -- Organic farming. Organiculture
Agriculture (General) -- Soil conservation and protection  S622 - S627
Agriculture (General) -- Conservation of natural resources, including land conservation  S900 - S972
Plant culture SB1 - SB1110
Forestry SD1 - SD669.5
Aquaculture. Fisheries. Angling SH1 - SH691