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Conversations with Warriors

Expanding perspectives one story at a time

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Conversations with Warriors Spring 2024 is coming up in March! We're recruiting Storytellers for the following date: 

Thursday, March 21 

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Conversations with Warriors


Conversations with Warriors is a week-long event designed to connect first year students through real conversations about important issues. Hosted by the First Year Experience (FYE) program, the McQuade Library, and The Unity House, the purpose of this event is to create spaces for open dialogue without judgement while challenging perceptions and stereotypes.


How It Works

In a welcoming and respectful environment, students engage in conversations with "storytellers" to learn about their personal experiences that range across a variety of topics. "Storytellers" are brave individuals/ warriors who are willing to share their life-stories about prejudice, stereotypes, and other major life challenges with students, in the hope of expanding perspectives and working to end intolerance. 



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