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Tolle Lege

Information on contributions to the Tolle Lege Collection of Merrimack-authored publications and the annual receptions honoring the authors.

Tolle Lege 2020

Tolle Lege 2020 Reception
Thursday, February 6, 2020at 4:00 pm




Allan Weatherwax



Michael Corcoran

Heath Sciences

William McDowell

Science & Engineering


Lisa Glebatis Perks

Social Sciences


Omer Unsal

Girard School of Business

William Wians


McQuade Library Presents the 17th Annual Tolle Leg

2019 Authors

group of 19 Merrimack authors, standing and seated

2019 Authors at the 2020 Reception

2019 Contributors

Last Name,First Name Dept
Aiello, Brittnie Education & Social Policy: Criminology
Anderson, Thomas History
Baldock, Brandi Chemistry
Bandeira-de-Mello, Rodrigo Girard School, Strategy & Operations
Bharath, Leena Health Sciences
Bowling, April Health Sciences
Caldwell, Jr., Ricky Mechanical Engineering
Cannon, Andrew Health Sciences
Cohen, Andrea Writers House
Colbert, Joseph Class of 2018
Corcoran, Michael Health Sciences
Curtin, John P. Class of 2019
Davila, Maria Religious & Theological Studies
DeCesare, Michael Sociology
DiCarlo, Anthony Mechanical Engineering
Donnelly, Trevor Class of 2017
Duffy-Comparone, Emma English
Ellard, Peter Dean of Student Success
Falk, Audrey Education & Social Policy: Education & Community Studies
Finn, Kevin Health Sciences
Fitzpatrick, Ellen Interdisciplinary Institute
Fragoudakis, Roselita Mechanical Engineering
Frame, Mariko Economics
Franckle, Rebecca Health Sciences
Franco, Jimmy Chemistry
Frisch, Nicole Education & Social Policy: Criminology
Geoffrion Scannell, Kathryn McQuade Library
Goulet, Clyde Class of 1986
Hall-Seelig, Laura Mathematics
Hameed, Tahir Girard School, Organization Studies & Analytics
Hanlon, Alison Class of 2018
Hardway, Christina Psychology
Harrington, Alexandra Class of 2017
Harrington-Lueker, Donna Class of 1976
Hayden, Karen Education & Social Policy: Criminology
Hurley, Liam Class of 2018
Jin, Sirkwoo "Girard School, Management"
Jones Pruett, Danielle Writers House
Kaklamanos, James Civil Engineering
Kallock, Sara Women's & Gender Studies
Keady, Alanna Class of 2018
Keating, Michaela McQuade Library
Kissel, Zachary Computer Science
Kurdziel, Laura Psychology
Kurkul, Katelyn Education & Social Policy
Kuszmaul, Joel Civil Engineering
La Torre, Joseph Class of 2015
Larkin, Ben Sport Management
LaVoie, Raymond Girard School, Marketing
MacLaren, David Biology
Marginean, Diana Academic Success
Marine, Susan Education & Social Policy
Mascolo, Michael Psychology
McCambridge, Grace Health Sciences
McDowell, William Biology
McGravey, Kevin Political Science
Modica-Napolitano, Jospehine Biology
Nielsen, Kathryn Associate Provost and Director of Strategic Initiatives
Noori, Azam Biology
O'Brien, Kevin Class of 1985
Oh, Seungbin Psychology
Olwell, Russell Education & Social Policy
Parent, Jane Girard School, Organization Studies & Analytics
Perks, Lisa Communication and Media
Petro-Roy, Jen Class of 2005
Polyakov, Emma Religious & Theological Studies
Ridenour, Autumn Religious & Theological Studies
Rouomimper, Kya Rose M.Ed. 2018
Salemme, Kevin McQuade Library
Seitchik, Allison Psychology
Sendall, Patricia Management
Sharoni, Simona Women's & Gender Studies
Shaw, Christine Graduate Education
Shaw, Raymond Psychology
Sherman, Zoe Economics
Stroud, Rena Education & Social Policy
Stroud, Michael Psychology
Stuetzle, Christopher Computer Science
Surette, Kelly Class of 2012
Szivak, Tunde Health Sciences
Tannebaum, Rory Education & Social Policy
Titus, Rose Class of 1999
Tollison, Andrew Communication and Media
Turcotte, Kadie McQuade Library
Turner, Jake Communication and Media
Unsal, Omer Girard School, Accounting & Finance
Veletzos, Marc Civil Engineering
Videchak, Courtney Class of 2019
Vogel, Jospeh English
Wagner, Jessica Class of 2018
Weatherwax, Allan Provost
Welby, Kathryn Education & Social Policy: Education & Community Studies
Wians, William Philosophy
Willer, Jamie M.Ed. 2019
Wong, Catherine McQuade Library
Yan, Zi Health Sciences
Yetter, Alyssa Education & Social Policy: Criminology
Zhang, Tingting Girard School, Organization Studies & Analytics
Zhao, Fang Girard School, Accounting & Finance
Zimdars, Melissa Communication and Media

Tolle Lege Works added in 2019

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