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What is Graphic Medicine?

‘The intersection between the medium of comics

and the discourse of healthcare’.


This is how Dr. Ian Williams defines "graphic medicine," a term he coined in 2007.  He saw use for comics in healthcare and his term became the norm for referencing the study and practice of this relationship.  He kept this intentionally broad, so it could encompas "graphic memoirs of illness, educational comics for both students and patients, academic papers and books, gag strips about healthcare, graphic reportage and therapeutic workshops involving comic making, as well as many other practices and source material, both fictional and non-fictional."

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Where to Find

At the McQuade Library, the graphic medicine novels are in a subsection of the graphic novels collection.  As of spring 2021, this is on the second floor of the library next to the Hot Titles section, the primary stairwell, and the IT offices.

Selected Works at McQuade

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