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ENG 1050 - Introduction to College Writing

ENG1050 Research Learning Objectives

Throughout your ENG1050 experience, you will:

  • Learn how to identify and locate appropriate information sources suitable for college-level research
  • Learn how to develop effective searches to gather information about a topic
  • Learn how to think critically about information and evaluate sources


1) Review this entire course guide by browsing the blue tabs on the left menu! 
There is a lot of helpful information that will assist you through the research process and show you how to use the many resources that McQuade Library provides.  Go through each of the blue tabs on the left side of this page.  Pages have videos and supplemental information to help you learn.


2) Watch these video!
Here's a fun potwoon video all about McQuade's Research Center.  It explains how a librarian can help you with your paper.

3) Make a copy of this google doc

Go to File -> Make a Copy

4)  Fill out activity and share it via google docs with both your Professor and a Librarian to get credit for completing this exercise. Tip: You may want to  change the font from blue to black so we can clearly see your answers.

This activity is aimed to give you practice searching the library's search tools.  Use the topic you will be researching for your paper and then fill out this activity. 

We don't want this to be a stressful activity!  If you have questions relating to the activity or if you get stuck, please use the chat box to chat with a McQuade Librarian or email librarian Lyena Chavez. 


Online Resources

How can I access McQuade’s Library Resources online?

To access McQuade's online resources, it is best to find resources through the library's website.
Here off-campus users will be taken through the library's authentication/proxy system and be asked to enter their Merrimack username and password, the same you would use for MyMack or Blackboard. 

Off-campus login page for McQuade Library databases

If you have problems contact a librarian by emailing or if open, use the Chat box at the library's homepage or on most research guides.

For questions or feedback contact the McQuade Library
Call us: 978-837-5177 | Text us:  978-228-2275 | Email us: